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5 Amazing Bookish Gifts for Every Type of Bookworm

Everyone has a bookworm in their life and, with the holiday season just around the corner, you may be hunting for the perfect bookish gift. Sure, you could just gift your favorite reader a new book (bookworms can never have too many), but why not get a little more creative this year?

Read on for 5 amazing bookish gifts from the Proseposters shop for every type of bookworm!

1. For the organized bookworm:

literary planner, 2023 diary, unique art print, wall art, wall poster

Whether it's to keep track of their TBR list, schedule in library book returns, or just keep up with their day-to-day, your favorite bookworm will love this Proseposters 2023 Diary! Each month opens with a stunning art print created using an excerpt or quote from a famous classic book. There's also plenty of space to jot down daily tasks and notes on whatever they're reading at the moment.

2. For the born-in-the-wrong-era bookworm:

wall art, art prints, wall posters

You know the type of bookworm I mean. They tell time using a pocket watch, have a love affair with vintage top hats, and frequently use words like 'coxcomb' and 'fortnight'. If the bookworm in your life seems constantly trapped in another era, then these Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice wall posters are the perfect bookish gift. Each is created using the actual text of Jane Austen's books and they come in complimentary colors so you can hang them as a pair!

3. For the bookworm with limited space:

unique wall art, art print, wall poster

Perhaps the bookworm in your life has limited wall real estate and you're hesitant to commit to a larger wall poster. If so, don't worry, this A3-size art print looks stunning on the wall without taking up a huge amount of space. Created using the words of three short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, this wall art is the perfect conversation starter and completely readable, too.

4. For the bookworm with a green thumb:

unique wall art, art prints, wall poster

If you know a bookworm with a passion for horticulture, then they're sure to fall in love with these unique Little Women art prints. Each A4-size wall art features a quote from one of the March sisters, a chapter from Little Women, and the plants and flowers to suit each sister's personality (and also what they each grow in Part 1, Chapter 10 of the book!).

5. For the bookworm who wants something else...

If you don't see anything in the Proseposters shop that your favorite bookworm will love, we do custom literary wall posters too. Contact us at or fill out our Contact Form to submit your request and we'll reach out to you with a quote!


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