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5 Bizarre Facts About Alice in Wonderland

It's always a great time to celebrate Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland hugely changed the world of children’s literature by introducing readers to whimsical characters in a magical world where nothing makes sense. Suddenly, being silly and nonsensical was cool! (We certainly hope we were able to capture the whimsy in our Alice in Wonderland art print.)🐰

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It’s been over 150 years since the novel was first published, but it’s still hard to get over our obsession with Carrolls strange universe! If you (like us) are in love with this story, feed your obsession by taking a look at these 5 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland facts!

Alice in wonderland facts

1. Alice was a real

That’s right, Lewis Carroll actually based his titular character on his boss’s daughter (who was also named Alice). Carroll was a teacher at Christ Church College in Oxford and there made the acquaintance of the dean and his family. According to rumour, little Alice asked Carroll to tell her a story during a boating trip in Oxford and the fictional Alice’s first adventures were born. Since then, Alice has gone on to inspire all kinds of art, like our amazing Alice in Wonderland wall poster featuring Alice front and center and made using the words of Carroll's beloved book!

2. So is the Cheshire Cat’s tree

The Cheshire Cat is perhaps one of the most memorable characters in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and can often be found sitting in a tree spouting platitudes about the madness of the world around him. This very tree is inspired by a real tree which still sits in Oxford in the garden of the real Alice’s childhood home.

3. Carroll saw what Alice saw

A big theme through Carroll’s famous novel is the shrinking and growing of different objects, animals, and even Alice herself. This was pretty much how Carroll saw the world around him because he suffered from a rare neurological disorder that caused hallucinations and affected how he perceived the size of visual objects. Later, this disease actually came to be known as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome!

4. Lewis Carroll is in his own book

Although all of Carroll’s characters may seem so nonsensical it’s hard to imagine that they’re based on real people, the author actually sprinkled bits and pieces of real life throughout his fantastical novel. So much so that he even included a character based on himself: The Dodo! Like The Dodo, Carroll spoke with a stutter, but he also would often take the real Alice to the Natural History Museum in Oxford so they could look at the dodo bird there!

5. The original manuscript rarely leaves London

The original manuscript, which Lewis Carroll hand-wrote and illustrated as a Christmas gift to Alice, has its home in London and belongs to the British Library. It’s rarely taken abroad as extreme security measures have to be issued to protect the valuable novel!

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