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5 Books and Stories by H.G. Wells You Need to Read

Most are familiar with the more famous stories by H.G. Wells. How could we not be? H.G. Wells was the father of science fiction, and the "man who invented tomorrow".

spooky stories by hg wells

He accurately predicted many major scientific advancements, including the atomic bomb, airplanes, and space travel. Science fiction, horror, and dystopia would not be what it is today without H.G. Wells' influence. His books and stories are both ahead of their time, and yet timeless.

Here are 5 of those books and stories by H.G. Wells you need to start reading today!

The Island of Doctor Moreau

Although one of his better-known books, The Island of Doctor Moreau is still a pretty underrated story by H.G. Wells. It centers around Dr. Moreau, a vivisectionist hiding out on an island in the Pacific where he conducts horrific experiments to turn animals into semi-human creatures.

Unsettling, right? Although this book by H.G. Wells was intended as a commentary on evolution and the fine line between human and animal, these days it also raises questions about some of the ethical issues around genetic engineering.

The Red Room by H.G. Wells

You might not associate ghost stories with H.G. Wells, but he actually penned quite a few in his time. Among them is The Red Room, a short story about a man who doesn't believe in ghosts and volunteers to spend the night in a haunted room.

You probably know where this is going. While in the red room, the man's candles keep getting extinguished, and in a sudden burst of fear he makes a run for the door. But he can't see, and finds himself being battered in the dark. However, it's unclear if something is actually doing the battering, or if he keeps running into things himself. You'll have to read this story by H.G. Wells to find out what, or who, haunts the red room.

The War of the Worlds book poster

No list of books and stories by H.G. Wells would be complete without his compelling alien invasion tale. A strange meteor-like object lands on Earth, and soon humanity finds itself under attack. The ruthless Martians have arrived.

But while the people of Earth begin to come to terms with the end of civilization as they know it, something microscopic is at work that could change the fate of the entire planet... The War of the Worlds is so much more than just an action-packed invasion story. It's a commentary on human arrogance and the terrible way we treat the other living beings on our planet.

The Sleeper Awakes

In this story by H.G. Wells, a man falls into a coma in 1897 and doesn't awaken until 2100. He discovers a world where the divide between extreme wealth and poverty is stark, and humans are in constant competition for attention at the expense of their own souls.

If you're thinking this sounds familiar, you're right. H.G. Wells' predictions aren't a far cry from the modern world we're living in now. Today, 1% of the population owns nearly 50% of the wealth, and social media has created a competitive environment where seeking the approval of strangers has become our ultimate goal.

The Invisible Man book

This book by H.G. Wells has become a staple of the horror genre, and there's a good reason why. The Invisible Man is an intensely psychological read and centers around a scientist named Griffin who takes a room at a pub. The reader soon learns that Griffin has found a way to make himself invisible, and is desperately trying to become visible again.

When he fails, the protagonist begins to strike out—at times in very violent ways—against the people who are unable to see him. Similar to characters in other books by H.G. Wells, Griffin lacks a sense of morality which serves as the launching point for imparting other important lessons.

What's your favorite book or story by H.G. Wells? Tell us in the comments below!

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