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Unique Literary Wall Art for Your Bookworm Mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day isn't too far off and it's time to start sourcing the perfect literary gift for your bookworm mom. Not sure what to get your mom for this special holiday? Below, we've featured 5 literary wall poster and print ideas for every type of bookworm mom!

unique literary wall art for the bookworm mom

1. For the nature-loving bookworm mom:

Little Women garden wall art

Does your mom love spending inordinate amounts of time in her garden? Do you sometimes suspect she loves her flowers more than you? If you answered yes, these stunning Little Women Garden Art Prints will make the perfect gift for your bookworm mom.

Each print features a quote from Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy along with unique flowers and plants for each March sister! The four profiles are created using the actual text of Little Women, and can be purchased individually or as a set. These gorgeous garden prints are the perfect way to bring the beautiful outdoors inside the home.

2. For fans of The Bard:

There's a particular brand of bookworm mom who loves quoting Hamlet and Macbeth and is always first in line to buy tickets whenever the new season at Shakespeare's Globe begins. If this sounds like your mum, why not gift her some cool Shakespeare wall art, created using the very words of The Bard's famous plays?

Our collection of Shakespeare wall posters is comprised of three works: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, and Romeo and Juliet. Each Shakespeare art print is created using the ENTIRE TEXT of the play too! Any bookworm mom and fan of The Bard will love hanging these on their wall.

3. For the glitzy bookworm mom:

The Great Gatsby wall art

Who can't help but love the glitz and glamor of the Roaring Twenties? If your mom is one such person, this sparkling The Great Gatsby art print is one she can lift her glass of champagne to this Mother's Day.

Like all our wall art, this The Great Gatsby art print is created using the words from F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous Jazz Age novel. Our largest wall poster (24"x36") contains Fitzgerald's book in its entirety! Read here to learn more about how we designed this poster and why we chose green and gold text.

4. For fans of all things gothic:

Is your bookworm mom a bit more brooding than most? Is she drawn to books with dark premises, doomed love stories, and mysterious characters? Then you can't go wrong by conjuring up the brilliantly gothic Brontë sisters!

This Wuthering Heights wall poster is created using the text from Emily Brontë's book and features Catherine and Heathcliff, while this Jane Eyre wall art is created with the text of Charlotte Brontë's book and features her titular character. The subtle shades of blue and green, respectively, mean they'll go great together as a pair too!

5. And for the bookworm mom who loves shopping for everyone else...

Maybe you're one of those moms who loves buying for everyone else. Or maybe you'd like to find some unique home decor to add a little touch of whimsy to your kid's room this Mother's Day. If so, you might enjoy our range of whimsical literary art prints!

Our Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Velveteen Rabbit wall art are created using the entire text from each book. And this absolutely adorable Peter Rabbit wall poster (we're sensing a definite bunny theme here!) is made using teh text from 14 short stories by Beatrix Potter.

Which is your favorite literary poster or print idea for the bookworm mom in your life?

Check out the Proseposters shop to see our entire selection of stunning bookish wall art.


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