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World Book Day: The 5 Major Benefits of Reading Books

You only need to take a peek at the wall art in the Proseposters shop to know that we're book addicts and big believers in the benefits of reading books. In fact, each one of our art prints and posters are created using the text of famous classic books!

benefits of reading books

Today on World Book Day, we'd love nothing more than to encourage you to enjoy the benefits of reading books too. What exactly can you get out of reading? Below are 5 of the biggest benefits of reading books.

Reading books is a benefit because...

1. Reading is good for your brain

A major benefit of reading books is that it's not only a fun pastime, but it's also great for your brain! Think of it as taking your brain to the gym: reading helps strengthen your neural networks, boosts brain activity, and reduce your risk of dementia.

In fact, according to this Yale University study, one of the benefits of reading books is that it can help you live longer too.

2. Reading increases your vocabulary

This may seem like a rather obvious benefit of reading books, but it's a huge one. People who read regularly from a young age develop large vocabularies over time. This can have a long-term influence on anything from scoring higher on standardized tests, to college admissions, to more job opportunities.

reading expands your worldview

3. Reading expands your worldview

Reading books is one of the few ways you can travel the world without ever getting up from your chair. By exposing yourself to literature from around the globe and different cultures, you'll expand your knowledge and learn more about the world you inhabit. Who knows, maybe reading a book set in another country will inspire you to travel there in person someday (and take a classic book on holiday with you)!

4. Reading reduces stress

The world is a stressful place, especially during the past few years as we've learned to navigate a pandemic. But did you know that one of the benefits of reading books is that it can reduce stress?

Getting lost in a good book is one of the best ways to relax. It can ease muscular tension and let your brain wander in a pressure-free environment. Look at reading as a mini-vacation for your body and brain. Less stress is a great reason to dust off those New Year's reading resolutions again!

reading books makes you more empathetic

5. Reading makes you more empathetic

When you read a book, you put yourself in the shoes of another person. Over time, you'll find it easier to empathize with many different mindsets. It's absolutely amazing how much your empathy can increase just through frequent reading.

The benefit of reading books is that it gives you a greater ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others—even when they differ drastically from your own. This in turn will provide you with more well-rounded social skills and the ability to navigate social situations more easily.

As you can see, reading books has huge benefits for you! Need some help getting back into reading? Check out our blog post on how to reboot your reading habit.


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