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5 of the Best Science Fiction Novels Everyone Needs to Read

Are you looking to read more science fiction novels this year? Whether you're into dystopias, space operas, or sci-fi with a hint of horror, we've got you covered. Read on for 5 of the best science fiction novels you definitely need to read!

Mary Shelley's gothic thriller is considered a pillar of the science fiction genre. Although Frankenstein turns 204 this year, it is perhaps even more relevant now than it was back when Shelley wrote it.

Frankenstein book poster

This science fiction novel tells the story of Dr. Frankenstein and the tormented creature he brings to life. The themes of the novel are ambitious: Frankenstein tackles concepts around life and death, science and genetic engineering, and what it means to be human. What's even more impressive is that Shelley was only 18 when she wrote it!

With the release of the new film directed by Denis Villeneuve, Dune has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. But even before it spawned an IMAX-worthy movie, Frank Herbert's space opera series was already the best selling science fiction novel of all time.

Dune by Frank Herbert

The series is set in a far-off future where entire planets are ruled by noble families. Dune focuses on the planet of Arrakis, the location of the most valuable spice in the universe. Oh, did I mention there are giant sandworms too?

A good science fiction novel uses the future to help us understand the past and the present, and 1984 certainly hits the mark in this regard. George Orwell's timeless dystopian novel is so influential that even those who haven't read it know about it.

1984 book poster

1984 is set in a future Great Britain (renamed Airstrip One) where an oppressive regime governs every aspect of people's lives. A commentary on government surveillance, censorship and, yes, even fake news, 1984 continues to set the standard for dystopian fiction today.

"It was a pleasure to burn." Bradbury's iconic science fiction novel opens with one of the most famous lines in literature. Although Fahrenheit 451 is often compared to 1984, and both carry similar themes, the execution of Bradbury's novel is very different.

Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

In the world of Fahrenheit 451, it is illegal to own and read books. However, the main issue isn't government control or censorship, it's that people no longer want to read. Technological advances have led people to lose interest in books—an issue Ray Bradbury considered to be very serious. He wasn't too far off the mark. The addictive nature of social media and modern-day technology means it's becoming harder and harder for people to focus on and read books.

H.G. Wells' classic science fiction novel holds a firm place in pop culture history. It's spawned a multitude of plays, films, and other novels in the genre. After all, who doesn't love a good alien invasion story?

War of the Worlds book poster

H.G. Wells delivers just that and more in The War of the Worlds. Wells casts a disparaging spotlight on British Imperialism and human arrogance. If anything, The War of the Worlds is meant to shake our core human beliefs that we are and will always be the superior species.

What are some of your favorite science fiction novels?

Share them in the comments below and be sure to check out our collection of sci-fi posters all made using the words of famous classic books!


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