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5 Perfect Book + Movie/TV Show Pairings For Quarantine Life

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

In most countries around the world it’s been weeks since citizens have been asked to self isolate. If you’re one of them you’ve probably reached a point where you're looking for few creative ways to entertain yourself while staying in. With so much more time to spend at home now is the perfect moment to not only catch up on your reading, but to watch some great shows and movies too!

What about combining the two in some amazing book and movie/TV show pairings?

It's up to you if you'd rather read the book or watch the movie, or do both. Either way, check out these 5 incredible books + movie/show selections!


What better time to dive into Tolstoy’s iconic masterpiece War and Peace than while you’re stuck in quarantine! BBC released a series based on the novel back in 2015 and it was released recently on Netflix for a limited time. Both the novel and the series are deeply moving works, but the series has some excellent acting and beautiful visuals which really brings this tale of love, loss, war, and peace to life. I guarantee you’ll be sobbing by the end of it.


If you’re familiar with Haruki Murakami’s work you know that it has a dreamy quality to it. Many times it’s difficult to pinpoint where dreams and reality begin and end, and the same holds true for the fantastic phycological thriller Burning which is based on Barn Burning, one of the short stories in Murakami’s collection The Elephant Vanishes. While the film is slightly more cerebral and gritty, it really captures the essence of Murakami’s work and leaves the viewer with varied interpretations.


There’s no doubt that The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has a lot of readability value—I myself re-read it about once a year—and the film has exactly this same sort of impact. Regardless of whether you’ve seen The Great Gatsby before or not, it’s always worth a re-watch. What Fitzgerald offers in the way of breathtaking prose the film matches with stunning visuals. It is a feast for the eyes and captures the ruckus, decadence, and spirit of the Roaring Twenties magnificently!


Uncle Stevie has been a longtime beloved in Hollywood, and there’s no lack of films and TV shows based on his books and stories. The Outsiders is one of the more recent TV series to come out and is based on King’s novel of the same name. This thriller/mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat, whether you decide to watch the series or read the book. Scaring yourself silly while in isolation sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?


Why not go old-school and curl up with a classic this weekend? Jane Eyre isn’t your typical love story, the gothic elements Brontë was famous for infusing in her work leads to some surprising twists. Dark secrets, locked rooms, and mysterious sounds in the night will keep you thinking about this tale long after you’ve finished reading the book and watching the movie.

What are some of your favorite book and movie/TV series pairings?


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