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5 Reasons Proseposters Art Prints Are the Perfect Bookworm Gifts

What do you get the bookworm who has everything? Here are 5 reasons why Proseposters art prints make the perfect gifts for the book lover in your life (or for yourself).

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1. They're wall art you can read

You can't be a bookworm without loving books and reading. Which is why Proseposters wall posters make such great bookworm gifts. They look gorgeous on your wall AND you can read them too. It doesn't get more bookish than that.

2. They're conversation starters

Imagine you're throwing a party. From across the room, someone spots the The Great Gatsby art print hanging on your wall.

"What a beautiful poster!" they say.

Then they get closer.

"Wait, you can read it too?" they ask.

That's when they realize it's wall art created using the words of the book! See? The perfect icebreaker.

3. A new take on your favorite books

From Chiltern to Folio, we bookworms love collecting different editions and versions of the same books. Well, think of Proseposters wall posters as yet another cool (and very unique) take on your favorite novel! Own several different editions of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? Why not add a gorgeous Pride and Prejudice art print to your collection?

4. Proseposters are made by bookworms for bookworms

Something that really sets our small team apart here at Proseposters is that we're huge bookworms too! I've always had a passion for classic literature, and I hope that comes across in our wall art. Not only do I read every single book we transform into bookish prints, but we take a lot of care in making sure the images and colors of each poster stays true to the books. Plainly put, our love for literature goes into every wall poster we make for all our fellow book lovers out there!

5. Art prints that bring a room together

You know what really brings a book nook together? One of our minimalist, elegant literary art prints. Our posters are created to fit into any type of decor, whether you're hanging it in your office, library, bedroom, or somewhere else. We've create added versatility by offering multiple color options for each wall print. Like the choice between black text and sea green text for our Moby Dick wall posters.

Which literary art print is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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