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5 Strong Female Characters from Classic Books

It's International Women's Day and we're celebrating the strong female characters that abound in classic books. The literary world is full of feisty women. This includes authors like Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, and Agatha Christie, as well as the amazing characters they created.

books with strong female characters

Check out the 5 strong female characters in classic literature below, and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen, the author of Pride and Prejudice, was a pretty feisty woman, so it's no surprise she wrote some very steadfast and strong female characters too. And what's not to love about her main character from Pride and Prejudice? Elizabeth Bennet is outspoken and independent, and never afraid to go after what she wants.

2. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables book

Lucy Maude Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series introduced us to one of the strongest female characters in literature. Although orphaned at a young age, Anne Shirley remains determined, imaginative, and impossibly optimistic. This strong female character grows up to be a fearless woman who forges her own path in life.

3. Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë's titular character, Jane Eyre, fell wildly outside the norms for women at the time. Jane Eyre is small, poor, and not considered beautiful by society's standards. However, she is a fierce female character who refuses to rely on the goodwill of men, and stays strong to her personal morals, even when it costs her dearly.

4. Pippi Longstocking from Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking book

Whose childhood wasn't colored by Astrid Lindgren's fantastically strong (both literally and emotionally) female character, Pippi Longstocking? You can't get more independent than Pippi who lives on her own with an array of beloved animals. She's fascinating and funny—and fully embraces who she is, no matter what anyone else thinks.

5. Jo March from Little Women

When Louisa May Alcott introduces Jo March in her novel, Little Women, the first thing that strikes the reader is how headstrong she is. Jo can often be found breaking gender norms by not behaving like a 'lady' and wearing boys' clothing. It's this same stubbornness that allows her to strike out on her own and pursue her dream of being a writer.

Who's your favorite strong female character in classic literature? Tell us in the comments!

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