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Join Our Moby-Dick Reading Challenge!

It's pretty clear at this point that 2020 isn't going the way any of us planned. Way back in January you were probably like me: full of optimistic 2020 goals. Fast-forward to September and most of these goals have pretty much gone unfulfilled.

Remaking your 2020 resolutions into reading goals is a great way to adjust to this new, strange world we're living in. Which is how I came to the conclusion that I definitely need to read Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.

This book has been on my reading list for a very long time—I'm talking years here—but I've never gotten around to reading it. (Not unless you count reading from our stunning Moby-Dick print in the Proseposters shop as the same thing, that is.)

With so many other goals going out the window these days (goodbye travel), I thought it might be fun to set one final 2020 reading target. Yes, I've decided to read Moby-Dick, and I want you to join me!

Below you'll find the book broken down into a 12-week schedule. Be sure to check in on Instagram for updates as we progress with this exciting challenge! I'll be posting daily reading schedules along with video discussion at the end of each week.

What say you? Are you ready to tackle the white whale?

Starting this month, on September 28th, we'll read chapters 1-11 in Week 1 of our Moby Dick Challenge!

In October we'll keep the momentum going through Weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5 with an average of just 10 chapters per week!

November carries us past Moby-Dick's halfway point, which means we've got this! Weeks 6, 7, 8, and 9 will be a breeze, I promise.

And finally across the finish line in December with Weeks 10, 11, and 12! We'll finish with time to spare so you can kick back over the holidays and see the New Year in with a newly finished book under your belt.

Don't own a copy of Moby-Dick?

You can read or download it for free from or

Amazon also offers a version for Kindle for under £1.

Would you like to join in the Moby-Dick challenge? Leave a comment below or drop me (Katie) an email at to let me know.

I'd love to have you along for the journey!


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