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New Wall Poster: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Our unique art prints certainly do make the perfect bookworm gift. So, we've decided to drop some new Jane Austen wall art in the Proseposters shop just in time for the holidays!

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This stunning wall poster is created using the text from Jane Austen's last completed novel, Persuasion. As one of Austen's more mature works, Persuasion is a story of old loves and missed chances.

When did Jane Austen write Persuasion?

Although Austen completed Persuasion a year before she died, she made no moves to have it published. This wasn't unusual for the author. As her brother, Henry, put it in a author's note in the novel when it was published after her death:

" invincible distrust of her own judgement induced her to withhold her works from the public, till time and many perusals had satisfied her that the charm of recent composition was dissolved."

It's possible, had Austen lived, she would have eventually published Persuasion after several rigorous rounds of editing. Or, perhaps she would have kept this thoughtful novel to herself. It's impossible to know. However, we're lucky to have this Jane Austen novel as part of the canon. Its unique style and love story sets it apart from the more humorous and youthful books Austen penned before.

wall poster, art print, wall art

What is Persuasion about?

Eight years have passed since Anne Elliot, persuaded by her friends and family, rejected Frederick Wentworth's marriage proposal. But, when Anne and Frederick meet again nearly a decade later, they discover that old feelings still remain.

He's made his fortune at sea, she's deeply regretted her rejection, and the years of their youth have passed them by. Can they find the courage to speak and make up for years wasted apart?

All about our Persuasion art print!

Product Info

Printed on 260gsm satin paper

Text covered:

24"x36" - 14 Chapters

18"x24" - 9 Chapters

A2 - 8 Chapters


Black Text

Anne Elliot Blue

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