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Which March Sister Are You?

It's easy to see that the world has a bit of an obsession with the March sisters. In fact, you can't read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott without identifying pretty strongly with at least one of them. Are you a Meg, a Jo, a Beth or an Amy? Read on to find out which March sister you are most similar to.

You're a Meg if...

💗You're a hopeless romantic. You like to believe you're a level-headed person, but all that goes out the window when it comes to love.

💗You'd rather be well-liked than head-strong, and even though you're a feminist you tend to keep your thoughts to yourself in order to avoid conflict.

💗You're attracted to beautiful things and enjoy putting care into your appearance. Buying expensive things can be tempting, but at the end of the day you'd rather love and be loved than own a lot of pricey clothes and bling.

💗You favorite book would be something along the lines of Pride & Prejudice where love triumphs in the end.

You're a Jo if...

📚You have a strong personality and don't mind speaking up when you know you're right. Sometimes you might offend people, but hey they probably deserved to be offended anyway.

📚You'd rather be independent and successful on your own than sacrifice any of it for a romantic relationship or marriage.

📚Unlike Meg, you couldn't care less about what you're wearing or how you look. You wouldn't notice if your clothes are getting worn and threadbare.

📚You're adventurous and not afraid to strike out on your own, which means your favorite book would be something exciting like Moby-Dick. You might even hang one of our Moby-Dick posters on your wall!

You're a Beth if...

☀️You're the type of person people come to for help. You love children and animals and are probably someone who spends their spare time volunteering.

☀️You care deeply about the comfort and happiness of those around you, and may go out of your way to help others even at the expense of yourself.

☀️You're shy and would much rather stay home with a book than go out to a party.

☀️Your favorite book would be something like The Secret Garden because it shows how kindness can transform people and relationships.

You're an Amy if...

💫You're strong, smart, and not at all afraid to speak your mind; some people need to hear what you have to say.

💫Money is important to you. Not just because you love surrounding yourself with luxurious things, but also because you desire to provide your family with financial stability too.

💫You worry about what others think of you, but at the same time are supremely confident in your femininity and beauty.

💫Your favorite read would probably be a book like The Great Gatsby because of the cynical yet decadent nature of the story.

Are you Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy, or a combination of all four? Tell us below in the comments who's your favorite March sister and why you identify with her!

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