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Why Is 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen So Popular?

Since its publication on January 28, 1813, Pride and Prejudice has become one of Jane Austen's most popular works. There have been TV shows, films, and even other novels inspired by or directly adapted from Austen's famous story.

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But what makes Pride and Prejudice so popular? Let's find out!

1. Pride and Prejudice is popular's the ultimate rom-com

The haters-to-lovers trope may be popular in modern day rom-coms, but it could be said Jane Austen did it first (and better) with Pride and Prejudice. None of her other works have quite the level sarcasm, romance, and comedy that this novel does. She skillfully combined all these to create one of the most memorable relationships of all time.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

2. Pride and Prejudice is popular teaches hard lessons

Jane Austen obviously loved writing about love—but she also lived during a time where women didn't have a lot of agency over their lives and futures. One of the best examples of this is Elizabeth's friend Charlotte who is not born into great wealth or great looks. Love doesn't play a role in her decision to marry Mr. Collins; it's done solely for practical reasons. While Pride and Prejudice does present the idea of marrying for money in a comedic light, it also shows the tough decisions women often had to make in exchange for financial security.

3. Pride and Prejudice is popular's a book about a bookworm

One of the reasons Elizabeth Bennett is such a beloved Austen heroine is because she's bookish! Throughout Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth finds excuses to read (we've all been there, right?). At one point, she even rejects playing a card game in favor of reading a book! Austen goes out of her way to present reading as a positive trait, despite the fact that women at the time were not encouraged to read and being bookish wasn't considered particularly attractive. Elizabeth made being a bookworm cool before it was cool.

Have your read Pride and Prejudice? Tell us in the comments below👇what you love about Jane Austen's popular book!

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