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3 Reasons Why Proseposters Art Prints Make the Perfect Bookworm Gift

Shopping for unique gifts for the bookworm who has everything can be a tough job. So, why not change it up a little with some stunning literary wall art? Here are three reasons why Proseposters art prints make the ultimate gifts for book lovers!

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1. They're wall art made from actual books

That's right, every single wall poster in the Proseposters shop is made using the actual text from famous classic books. Whether it's Little Women poster art featuring quotes from the March sisters AND chapters from Louisa May Alcott's book, or an The Sun Also Rises art print created using the entire text of Ernest Hemingway's book, we're all about transforming books into stunning art you can hang on your wall!

2. They're unique takes on famous classic books

A true bookworm is happy to own every edition of their favorite book. But, instead of gifting them yet another copy, why not give the literature lover in your life a unique version of a beloved book? It doesn't get more unique than Prosepsoters wall prints. Step away, and you see a stunning work of art, get closer and you can read the actual words of your favorite classic book.

3. They're literary art prints for every occasion

Our Proseposters wall posters are truly timeless and versatile. Whether you're shopping for the perfect housewarming gift or a great birthday, holiday, or just because gift, these stunning art prints work for any occasion. From Shakespeare wall art to sci-fi classics like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and 1984, there's something in the shop for every occasion and every type of bookworm! Not to mention, these are prints make great conversation starters, too.

Looking for the perfect gift for a bookworm you know?

Check out the wide array of stunning wall posters and art prints in the Proseposters shop!


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