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5 Date Night Ideas for Your Bookworm Valentine (all quarantine friendly!)

If you have a bookworm valentine, you're probably looking for some creative ways to celebrate how much you love them this Valentine's Day. While most bookish folk tend to be pretty low maintenance (plant us in a comfy chair with a good book, and we're happy), it doesn't hurt to try something new.

date night ideas for a bookworm

Read on for 5 great ways to plan a fun (and quarantine friendly) Valentine's Day with your bookworm valentine.

1. Make literary cocktails

literary cocktails, valentine date

Give a new twist to the idea of a 'drinks at home' date with delicious literary cocktails. Classic literature is full of alcohol references of all kinds, and you and your bookworm valentine will have a blast mixing up one of these bookish cocktails:

* Singapore sling - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson (if you REALLY want to drink these like Thompson, his characters had them with a side of mezcal and beer chasers)

* Wine-Spodiodi - On the Road by Jack Kerouac

* Gin Rickey - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

* Gimlet - The Long Good-bye by Raymond Chandler

2. Reorganize the bookshelf together

reorganize bookshelf, literary valentine

Do you know what your bookworm valentine would love more than reorganizing their bookshelf? Reorganizing it with you! There are so many creative ways to reorganize your bookshelf, so mix up a few literary cocktails, throw on some music, and get ready to have a fun bookish Valentine's Day. You can make it more meaningful by helping your bookworm valentine set aside a donation pile, followed by browsing online for some much coveted new books to add to their shelf.

3. Host a literary trivia night

literary trivia night, bookworm valentine

We're all getting pretty used to Zoom parties these days, so why not celebrate your bookworm valentine by hosting a literary trivia night with some friends? It's a fun group activity and you'll give your bookworm valentine a chance to show off some of their bookish knowledge. If you're not sure how to plan a literary trivia night, these 50 great quiz questions should help get you started.

4. Watch a movie based on a book

book to movie, valentine date

There is no shortage of great films and series out there based on books and you can't go wrong with a classic dinner and a movie date with your bookworm valentine. Let them choose what they'd like to see, pair themed food and drinks with the movie or series, and cozy up. Earn bonus points by having a discussion with your bookworm valentine afterwards about how close the film was to the source material, and which is better (although every bookworm will say the book is always better).

5. Audiobook and stargazing

audiobook picnic, bookworm valentine

This is a great lockdown activity and your bookworm valentine will love you for sharing the reading experience with them. Settle in to admire the heavens with an audiobook, a few comfy blankets, and a bottle of wine. If you live somewhere cold, or where you can't see the stars, have an indoor candlelight picnic instead. This one screams peak romance, doesn't it?

Hopefully these 5 ideas will help you plan out a Valentine's Day to remember for your bookworm valentine. A unique literary gift can really round out the experience and make them appreciate you all the more. The Proseposters shop features a range of stunning prints created using the words of famous classic books. Check out our Valentine's Day Sale and get your bookworm valentine the perfect literary gift.


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